I. General & Imprint

Grand Casino Baden AG operates the online-casino via and other access options (such as apps) under the name (hereafter referred to collectively and individually as “website”). All rights in connection with apply exclusively to
Grand Casino Baden AG
Haselstrasse 2
5400 Baden
(hereafter referred to as “”).

The person responsible for online-casino is Brian Christner, Chief Online Gaming. For general questions or questions about the imprint please contact [email protected].

Grand Casino Baden AG is supervised by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board ( and has the Swiss licence no. 516-003.

These General Terms and Conditions of Use (T&Cs) aapply to all online gaming games and online services offered on the website (the "Gaming Platform") for the Swiss market ("Games" or "Gaming Offer").

By opening a Player Account, using our Game Offer and with each login to the Player Account, these GTC shall be deemed accepted: These T&Cs or their acceptance are a prerequisite for the use of the Website. The GTC shall come into force immediately after the initialization of the registration on the Website. After registering a player account with, you agree to have understood and fully accept our TOS. By using our website or any of our games, you fully acknowledge and agree to accept our TOS throughout your use of our website.

These T&Cs do not cover any issues arising from the use of the websites and games with third party hardware (e.g. PC, cell phones, tablets) or software (e.g. operating system, web browser, access software), the use of third party app stores (e.g. Google Play, iTunes, Windows Store, Apple Store) or the user's internet connection to the services, as these services are not provided by

In order to open a player account with, you must I) be of legal age, II) have a domicile or habitual residence in Switzerland, III) not be subject to any gambling ban (Art. 80 BGS) and IV) not be subject to any gambling ban (Art. 52 BGS). reserves the right to determine further criteria for opening a player account.

If a person has registered with who is not of age, does not have a domicile or habitual residence in Switzerland, is subject to a gambling ban or is subject to a gambling ban, losses will not be reimbursed and winnings will not be paid out, taking into account Art. 52 No. 4 of the Ordinance on Money Games.

You may only have one (1) player account on our website. If you attempt to open more than one player account, we may block all accounts and cancel any due bonuses. It is forbidden to sell, transfer, or make player accounts usable to other people, or to acquire or use accounts belonging to other people.

You may only use our website and your customer account to take part in gambling for recreation and leisure purposes and not for commercial, professional, or other reasons.

By using the website, you confirm that you do not act with fraudulent intent, collude with other players, carry out other illegal activities including those with third parties, and that you do not manipulate our games with methods supported by hardware or software.

You are obliged, in connection with the website and other offers from, to not circulate any content (such as images, videos, links, words) with advertising, political, religious, insulting, harassing, threatening, violent, sexist, pornographic or other morally dubious, indecent, or offensive content, particularly racist or far-right or far-left content, persons, or illustrations. reserves the right to store all personal data provided by you as long as is permitted or stated by law. You have the right to see all data we have stored about you as a person.

The General Terms and Conditions in association with the GRANDWINNERS loyalty program and guest club are covered separately and can be found at

II. Registration of a player account

Registration (”player account”) via the website is necessary to play for real money on reserves the right to reject the opening of a customer account without stating reasons for doing so.

All mandatory fields in our registration form must be completed truthfully in accordance with an official identity document, particularly your first name, surname, date of birth, nationality, gender, residential address, as well as a valid email address and mobile phone number. Completing registration means you confirm the accuracy of all data entered.

The following documents are accepted, provided they are still valid and are issued in Latin script: Passports and identity cards that entitle the holder to cross the border, driver's licenses, diplomatic identity cards, Swiss foreigner's identity cards (B, C, Ci, L), Swiss legitimation identity cards for employees of the federal government, cantons and municipalities, as well as customer cards of the casino, provided that there is an authorization from the SFGB for the casino. F ID and blue passport are not accepted and reserves the right to refuse registration to persons with these IDs. The ID cards must be accompanied by a photo and must show at least the surname, first name and date of birth. Before completing the registration, you must define a maximum value in Swiss Francs for the daily net loss. In the player account you have the possibility to set further limits to the possible daily, weekly or monthly deposits or losses. The defined maximum value can be changed in the player account at any time, whereby a decrease becomes effective immediately and an increase only after 24 hours.

You undertake to provide only complete and truthful information regarding your person for the duration of this agreement and the business relationship with us and to inform us immediately of any changes in such data. In the event of any changes that render you ineligible to play at Swiss online-casinos, and such changes are not reported in a timely manner, losses may not be reimbursed and winnings may not be paid out in accordance with Art. 52 (4) of the Ordinance on Money Games.

When you register, your specified address of residence or domicile is compared. For this purpose, we transmit the required personal data (first and last name as well as address data) to an information center (CRIF AG, Riesbachstrasse 61, 8008 Zurich). We will also check whether you are not listed in the register of banned players. You expressly agree to these procedures.

During the registration process you have to choose a username and password for your later login on the website. The user name should not allow any conclusions to be drawn about your identity, as it is public and therefore also visible to third parties. It is your sole responsibility to keep your access data safe and not to pass it on to third parties. is not responsible for any misuse of your access data by third parties and the resulting consequences, should third parties gain access to your data. Furthermore, reserves the right to block your account and to withhold existing credit balances in the event that a third party uses your customer account or if there is any suspicion in this regard. If you do not find your access data, please contact the support of ([email protected]").

III. Provisional opening of a player account

A provisional player account is opened after registration. To complete opening, you must submit a copy of an official identification document within 30 days and if the residential address cannot be verified by the credit agency, corresponding proof of address (copy of an electricity bill, TV or Internet invoice, or a bank statement) must also be provided. These documents can either be sent via the upload feature in the customer account, by email ([email protected]"), or by post.

If the player account is not finally opened, then transfers to the account must not exceed CHF 1'000 in total and winnings are not paid out pursuant to Art. 52 of the Money Gaming Act. If the necessary documents have not been sent within 30 days to verify the accuracy of these entries, is obliged to render the player account inactive pursuant to Art. 52 of the Money Gaming Act.

IV. Deposits to your player account

All information required to deposit money into your player account can be found in the “Deposit” menu item. If you would like to make a deposit by bank transfer, please find our bank account information here. You can use the payment methods displayed to make a deposit. may change the payment methods available from time to time. Authorisation is carried out if a credit or debit card is used to make deposits. The deposit is credited to your customer account upon approval and authorisation. If approval or authorisation is not granted by the card issuer, then nothing is credited to your customer account. Only credit cards linked to a bank account can be used for regulatory reasons. may request identification documents or other details when a deposit is being made.

Credit balances in your customer account do not accrue interest. is not a credit provider and does not allow a customer account to become overdrawn.

V. Payouts

Payouts can only be made to a payment account in your name pursuant to Art. 50 of the Money Gaming Act. may request identification documents or other details when a payout is being made.

VI. Inactive player account

A player account is considered to be inactive if it is not used for 6 consecutive months. will contact you if your account becomes inactive.

After 24 months, will transfer the remaining sum (except any bonuses) to a payment account which is linked to the player account. If this is not possible due to missing or incorrect account details and cannot contact you, then after a further 24 months is obliged to transfer the remaining balance to the AHV social security fund (Art. 51 of the Money Gaming Act). Any claims against lapse completely at this point.

VII. Closing your customer account

You can close your player account at any time. Simply send us an email at [email protected]" to let us know. can also close the player account against the will of the player,

  • if the requirements under section 2 are not (or no longer) met;
  • if your player account has remained inactive for more than two years, whereby the reason for the inactivity may also be a game suspension;
  • if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that you are abusing the gaming platform, attempting to influence the proper play of the game, e.g. by using bots or other malware, or otherwise exploiting a bug in the game;
  • if there is reasonable suspicion that you are involved in money laundering, financing of terrorism or the like, or that the funds deposited by you are of criminal origin or originate from a criminal organization. will inform you in advance of the closure of your player account and inform you of the associated consequences. In the event of deletion of the player account, you are prohibited from registering another account on the gaming platform under a different identity.

VIII. Responsible gaming aims to provide a positive, entertaining gaming experience. We provide various tools on our website to help you control or restrict your own gaming behaviour. You can access information about your gaming behavior (stakes, winnings, net result) on your player account at any time. also contains a self-test to assess your own gambling behavior, instructions on how to apply for a gambling ban, contact details for the social protection officer at Grand Casino Baden AG, and information on gambling addiction counseling centers.

We are legally obliged to issue a block from gaming if there is a suspicion that someone is insolvent, does not handle financial obligations, or plays with stakes which are disproportional relative to income and wealth. This block applies across the whole of Switzerland. It applies to all licensed casino games within casinos and on the Internet. It also applies to online lotteries, sports betting, and skill-based games, as well as all games determined by inter-cantonal authorities. Self-exclusion is noted in a register which applies across the whole of Switzerland.

To fulfil obligations in this respect, analyses your transactions and usage data, and, if necessary, checks your creditworthiness or requests an extract from a debt enforcement register. To do so, passes on the personal data required for a credit assessment (first name, surname, date of birth, and address data) to a credit agency. CRIF AG, Riesbachstrasse 61, 8008 Zürich, assesses creditworthiness on the basis of mathematical and statistical processes. You can request to see the information CRIF AG has stored about you at any time.

IX. Suspension from the game

Temporary suspension from the game

You have the option to temporarily suspend the game (for one or more categories such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Slots) at any time, i.e. for a maximum period of six months. After the expiry of the specified period of time, the temporary exit from the game will be automatically cancelled. An early termination of a temporary suspension is only possible if a justified request is submitted and the suspension requirements pursuant to Art. 80 BGS are not met.

Game suspension

You may request to impose a voluntary gaming ban on you at any time via the website or your player account. will also impose a ban against your will if:

  • there is reason to believe that you are addicted to gambling or overindebted, that you are not meeting your financial obligations, or that you are placing wagers that are disproportionate to your income and assets;
  • there is reasonable suspicion that you are abusing the gaming platform, e.g. by using bots or other malware to try to influence the games or otherwise exploit a bug in the game;
  • there is reasonable suspicion that you are involved in money laundering, the financing of terrorism or the like or that the funds deposited by you are of criminal origin or originate from a criminal organization. can block your customer account and withhold your existing balance as soon as there is a suspicion of money laundering. For certain transactions, we are required by the Ordinance of the Swiss Federal Gaming Board on the Due Diligence of Casinos to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing to request further information from you. Until the legally required information and documents are provided, the player account may remain blocked.

If necessary, will inform the law enforcement authorities and/or file a report with the Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland (MROS). also reserves the right to block you from playing if you violate these T&C.

This is without prejudice to the closure of your player account in accordance with section 7. will notify you of the suspension in writing.

The suspension will be entered in a register. Your surname and first name, date of birth, nationality, type and reason for the ban and its date will be entered in the register. The register entries can be viewed by all Swiss casinos.

Lifting of the gaming block

The gambling ban imposed by will be lifted upon request if the reason for the gambling ban no longer exists. A cantonally recognized specialist or specialist office will be involved in the lifting procedure. A voluntary gaming ban can only be lifted at the request of the player and at the earliest after three months since the start of this ban.

X. Bonus rules

Bonus funds (bonuses) are sums of money which are credited to a player account in connection with promotions (such as registration or making a deposit into the account). The conditions for granting, using, or redeeming bonuses are covered in these bonus rules. However, there are also bonuses which are described on the website when they are granted or as part of specific games.

Bonuses are used as stakes on the games offered on the website. Stakes are automatically made with real cash before bonus funds are used. If you have bonus funds, then all winnings that are above the real money balance at the start of the session are automatically converted into bonuses.

Bonuses are converted into real money when the relevant playthrough has been satisfied. The playthrough states how much real money must be wagered before bonuses are converted into real money. You can see the current status of the playthrough for every bonus in your account. The required playthrough to convert bonus credits into real cash is as follows:

  • Slot games 30
  • RNG table games 90
  • Live games 90

For example, this means that a bonus credit of CHF 5 is converted and paid out as real cash if CHF 150 is wagered on slot games (CHF 5 x 30). This is regardless of the outcome of the game.

You can have any cash balances in your account paid back to you at any time. However, you then have to annul the bonuses for which you have not yet satisfied the playthrough. reserves the right to retain or delete bonus funds if the offered bonus funds have not been used within 6 months of receipt.

XI. General gaming rules

It is only possible to start playing when you are registered with and there is a sufficient balance on your account. A game manual is available for all individual games. Our customer service team will gladly provide further information regarding game manuals. It is your responsibility to check the specific rules of our games.

If the connection is lost whilst a game is in progress, then this game is stored on the game server. The result is shown in the status of the player account and any winnings are credited to the player account. No new games are started, and no further stakes are taken after stoppage of play.

In case of a software error or a functional issue with the random number generator (RNG), the current game is null and void.

If credits an incorrect amount to your player account, then you are obliged to inform us of the error as promptly as possible and to reimburse us the incorrect credit.

You are solely responsible for any taxes paid on your winnings as well as for following other financial and legal requirements. In case of winnings over CHF 1 million, we are obliged to retain withholding tax and to pass this on to the Swiss federal tax authorities.

XII. Data protection

Data protection is extremely important to You should be able to rely on us handling your data with the utmost care and attention, and that we respect data protection laws in all cases. Since 2017 has been the first Swiss casino to be ISO 27001 certified (international standard for information security) to fulfil such expectations.

Using the website means you agree to receive information from You can change the communication preferences in your account at any time. Please note that from time to time we need to send you important information (such as during inactivity on the account, extended identification requirements, information regarding social programmes, combating money laundering, or changes to the T&Cs) from which you cannot unsubscribe. The use of personal data is covered in the data privacy statement. The data privacy statement is an integral and binding aspect of these T&Cs.

XIII. Guarantee provides the services professionally and with due care in the light of its operating resources and foreseeable requirements. It is known that provides all services via the Internet or via the use of communication networks. Temporary disturbances or interruptions to the services provided by may arise due to technical difficulties, operational errors, as well as interruption or disturbance of communications networks and also through failure of IT infrastructure, telephone lines, or other parts of the infrastructure required to provide the service. As a result, does not guarantee that its services are available and free of errors at all times. secures systems against virus attacks. However, virus attacks can never be completely ruled out. In addition, it is possible that unauthorised third-party emails are sent using the name without our permission which, for example, may contain viruses or spyware or link to web contents containing viruses or spyware. has no influence over such matters. therefore cannot accept any liability in this regard.

XIV. Liability only accepts liability for cases of direct damage which are as a result of negligence or malicious intent and which are also the responsibility of Further liability cannot be accepted to the extent permitted by law.

Liability cannot be accepted under any circumstances for minor negligence and for indirect or consequential damages. In particular, consequential damage may include lost winnings, damage to reputation, and a loss of data resulting from temporary interference or interruptions of availability of services provided on the website as well as resulting from transmission errors and incorrect price or service specifications. also cannot accept any liability for third-party content that is linked to our website or to which our website is linked.

XV. Intellectual property

The website and all contents accessible through it are protected by copyright and belong solely and in their entirety to if not otherwise stated. Contents may contain references to third party property or usage rights that the user must take into account. The (complete or partial) reproduction, circulation, transmission (electronically or by other means), modification, linking, or usage of content for public or commercial purposes is forbidden without prior written permission from

XVI. Edition / Changes

Our T&Cs are published in several languages for information purposes and for ease of orientation. However, if there are discrepancies between these T&Cs in other languages compared to the German version, then the German version remains binding for both contractual parties. reserves the right to make changes to the T&Cs at any time and therefore also to change the agreement between yourself and .Changes to the T&Cs will be announced in an appropriate form. Legally binding is the current version of the T&Cs at the time of use.

If you do not accept the changes, then you can contact our customer support team and request closure of your account at any time. Changes to our T&Cs will come into force immediately after publication on It is your responsibility to check our T&Cs and to make yourself aware of the specific rules of our games.

Transfer reserves the right to withdraw from this agreement or to transfer it lawfully to another party. You are not permitted to withdraw from this agreement or to transfer it to another party.

XVIII. Final provisions

Swiss law is applicable to all legal relationships, to the exclusion of the Federal Act on Private International Law (IPRG) and to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (Vienna Sales Convention).

The place of performance for all services provided by is Baden (Switzerland).

In the event of legal disputes between the player and, Baden (Switzerland) shall be the exclusive place of jurisdiction. additionally reserves the right to assert its rights at the player's place of residence.

Baden, August 2022 (Version 1.3)