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Facts about depositing with paysafecard at the Online-Casino

  • Minimum deposit amount: CHF 10.-
  • Maximum deposit amount depending on type of paysafecard
  • Money is instantly available online in your player account
  • No fees on your deposit with paysafecard

Paysafecard is one of the newest payment methods we offer at our Online-Casino. The paysafecard is an electronic means of payment for payments on the Internet. Paysafecard works in the same way as Aplauz and is mainly used in online gaming, telecommunications and in the entertainment industry.

Payments with paysafecard are based on the prepaid-principle. Paysafecard offers different types of payment. The core product called «paysafecard» can be purchased at points of sale, such as petrol stations, kiosks or post offices, and are charged with a credit of varying value. The customer then receives a 16-digit personal code. When paying electronically in the online shop or Online-Casino, only this 16-digit PIN needs to be entered to debit the credit. In addition, a payment account called «my paysafecard» can also be created in which the purchased paysafecard PINs can be managed. There are two different stages of my paysafecard: standard and unlimited. The difference is that you have to be verified for unlimited status and in return benefit from higher limits. The last alternative is the paysafecard Mastercard. You can pay with this card wherever you can pay with Mastercard. The difference to other credit cards is that it is not linked to an account.

The advantage of paying with paysafecard is of course the simplicity of the transaction. No personal details or credit card numbers are required for payment, only the 16-digit PIN is needed to complete the transaction. However, this advantage of simplicity also results in a disadvantage: the credit must always be purchased in advance. To avoid this problem, paysafecard credit can also be purchased online on the paysafecard homepage and paid by TWINT. However, this requires a TWINT account and a Swiss SIM card. The amount purchased is immediately sent to the buyer by SMS.

Another advantage of paysafecard is that it is free of charge for the customer. There are no fees for the customer when purchasing the credit and when redeeming it. However, if you only use paysafecard irregularly, you should be cautious, as costs may arise if you do not use it for a longer period of time. For example, from the 13th month of inactivity, a monthly provision fee of CHF 4.- becomes due. Paysafecard also charges a fee for transactions that are not in the currency purchased.

Anyone who frequently pays small and irregular amounts with paysafecard does not have to worry about an almost exhausted credit balance, as several PINs can be used for one payment. In this way, the purchased credit can always be used up to the last remnant and no money is lost.

In order to keep you informed about all the important points when you make your deposit, we have summarized the most important ones about paysafecards here. If you follow these tips & tricks when making a deposit, nothing will stand in the way of a great gaming experience.

Minimum / Maximum amount for your deposit

The minimum deposit amount at is fixed at CHF 10.-, the maximum deposit amount depends on the type of paysafecard you use.

Due to the low deposit limit, you don't have to worry about even if you only want to deposit small amounts. This is especially beneficial for those of you who are still trying out the Online-Casino and therefore do not want to make a large deposit.
You can find out about the exact conditions and limits of your paysafecard on the paysafecard website.

Duration of the deposit

Paysafecard is very popular for payment on the internet because the amount is transferred immediately. So, when you deposit with paysafecard, you don't have to wait long for the funds to be transferred to your account, the amount you transfer is immediately available in your player account. This deposit method is also suitable if you are among the impatient players who want to start playing immediately.

Expenses does not charge any fees on your paysafecard deposit. So there will never be any hidden costs from our side.

Also, paysafecard itself does not charge any fees on your transaction. If you rarely use paysafecard, however, you may incur costs. For example, from the 13th month of inactivity, paysafecard receives a monthly provision fee of CHF 4. This is deducted directly from your credit on the card.

If you use my paysafecard, you will even be charged a monthly fee of CHF 7.- from the 13th month onwards if you have not made any transactions in the last twelve months.

If you make a deposit in a foreign currency, you will be charged with a fee by paysafecard.


Depositing with paysafecard is very easy, which is why this payment method is so popular on the Internet. To top up your player account, simply access your player account while logged in. To do this, click on the icon for your profile in the upper right corner of your screen. In the next step, select «paysafecard» from the deposit options. To make a deposit with your paysafecard, select the desired amount and enter your 16-digit PIN code in the field provided.

After entering the PIN, the amount you have selected will be debited immediately from your paysafecard and the amount will be available in your player account on


Withdrawals to a paysafecard from your player account are unfortunately not possible, because legally it is only allowed to make withdrawals to bank accounts in Switzerland. This transfer is always free of charge, regardless of the amount paid out. Please note that this bank account must also be in your full name. For this reason, it is also not possible to transfer your withdrawal to the account of a relative or friend, even if you expressly grant us permission to do so.

Please note that it may take 3-4 business days for a withdrawal to be approved.