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New Games

Mammoth Gold Megaways
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 2'400.00 CHF
Dead Man s Gold
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 10'000.00 CHF
Cleopatra Gold
Min: 0.12 CHF | Max: 120.00 CHF
Starlight Princess
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 5'000.00 CHF
3 Pots Riches Hold and Win
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 100.00 CHF

Most Popular Games

Temple of Fire
Min: 0.12 CHF | Max: 600.00 CHF
15 Coins
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 30'000.00 CHF
Nitropolis 4
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 5'000.00 CHF
Book of Ra Deluxe
Min: 0.01 CHF | Max: 50.00 CHF
Olympus Raging Megaways
Min: 0.40 CHF | Max: 5'000.00 CHF

Exclusive Games

Jackpots Lightning Roulette
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 50'000.00 CHF
16 Coins
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 30'000.00 CHF
Jacks Golden 8
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 200.00 CHF
Book of Bast
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 200.00 CHF
8 Golden Lions
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 200.00 CHF

Top Megaways Games

Gonzo's Quest Megaways
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 40.00 CHF
Piggy Riches Megaways
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 100.00 CHF
The Ruby Megaways
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 450.00 CHF
Twin Spin Megaways
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 100.00 CHF
Hot Spin Megaways
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 1'000.00 CHF

Games with Bonus Buy Feature

Magic Spins
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 50'000.00 CHF
Dreamy Genie
Min: 0.25 CHF | Max: 8'000.00 CHF
Dolphin's Dream
Min: 0.50 CHF | Max: 10'000.00 CHF
Piggy Bank Megaways
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 100.00 CHF
Wild Moon Saloon
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 4'000.00 CHF

All games

Mammoth Gold Megaways
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 2'400.00 CHF
Dead Man s Gold
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 10'000.00 CHF
Cleopatra Gold
Min: 0.12 CHF | Max: 120.00 CHF
Starlight Princess
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 5'000.00 CHF
3 Pots Riches Hold and Win
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 100.00 CHF
Monster Superlanche
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 5'000.00 CHF
Treasures of Ra
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 4'800.00 CHF
Gaze of Gold MEGA Hold and Win
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 3'000.00 CHF
Greedy Fox
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 5'000.00 CHF
Treasures of the Pyramids
Min: 0.01 CHF | Max: 400.00 CHF
Power of Merlin Megaways
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 900.00 CHF
Fat Panda
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 3'600.00 CHF
Coba Reborn
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 10'000.00 CHF
Cave of Xmas
Min: 0.30 CHF | Max: 60.00 CHF

Casino games in Switzerland

Casino games have always enjoyed a lot of enthusiasm. They were already enchanting people hundreds of years ago. In recent years, the range of online-casinos has grown. Today, hundreds of casino games can be played online.
Since there are still a lot of questions surrounding online-casino games, here we’ll try to get some clarity by answering the most common questions about casino games.

Where can you play online-casino games in Switzerland?

Online-casinos in Switzerland were legalized on July 1, 2019. However, there are many requirements to be met before you can offer a legal online-casino in Switzerland. Legal online-casinos in Switzerland can only be operated by Swiss casinos that have a physical location in Switzerland and that have received special approval for an online-casino. All online-casino games in Switzerland also need to be approved and regularly checked.
So, if you want to play games in an online-casino, make sure you do so in a legal Swiss online-casino like This is the only way to ensure that the games and technology are 100% safe and fair.

What casino games are there and how do they work?

We offer a wide range of all the most popular casino games at Our range of more than 1'000 games includes roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker games. We also offer a large selection of slot machines and, of course, live-casino games.
Below, we would like to briefly discuss the individual games. You can find more detailed information, rules and strategies for the individual games in our casino guide.

Blackjack: Defeat the dealer with your cards. The game is easy to learn and with the perfect strategy you can significantly increase your chances of winning. So, it might be worth taking a look at our blackjack strategies page.

Roulette: Roulette is one of the most popular online-casino games for a reason: the game is easy for beginners to learn, but also offers plenty of strategic opportunities for experts. You won’t get bored with this table game any time soon!

Baccarat: Baccarat is a less well-known than other casino games. But don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it yet! This game is also very easy to learn thanks to our baccarat rules guide, offering a pleasant change from well-known classics such as blackjack or roulette.

Poker: The popular card game is experiencing a boom both online and offline. The game can quickly seem overwhelming for beginners. However, there are helpful guides to help newbies learn the rules of poker at

Live-casino: The term «live-casino» refers to all table games played by a real croupier that are broadcast live online. In this category, you’ll find well-known table games such as blackjack and roulette, as well as various game shows.

Slot machines: Flashing slot machines are an integral part of every casino and online-casino. Whether it’s an ancient Egypt, deep sea or fruit slot machine, you’re sure to find the perfect casino game from our wide selection of slot machine games with our slotfinder!

Are online-casino games fair?

Online-casino games in legal Swiss online-casinos such as are considered fair for a number of reasons. The Swiss Federal Gaming Board (SFGB) regulates the gambling industry in Switzerland and ensures that the games offered by online-casinos are fair and transparent. The casino games are checked and approved by the SFGB. Games not approved by the SFGB may not be offered by legal Swiss online-casinos. In addition, the online-casino games in Switzerland are regularly reviewed by independent certification bodies.
As mentioned above, all legal online-casinos in Switzerland must also be licensed for their business. This ensures that the strict standards for fair play, responsible gambling and data protection are adhered to.
In addition, Swiss online-casinos offer their players various resources to monitor their gambling habits to ensure a safe and responsible gambling experience. You can find more details on our responsible gambling overview page.
In summary, online-casino games are fair in Switzerland, as they are subject to strict regulation and supervision by the SFGB. The platform and the company behind it are also subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that no dubious providers in Switzerland are operating an online-casino.

Are casino games a matter of luck?

Casino games are often seen as purely luck-based. In reality, however, luck is only part of the equation. Although luck plays a role in determining the outcome of casino games, many casino games also require skill.
In games like blackjack or poker, players have to make strategic decisions and can use their knowledge of the game to increase their chances of winning. In these games, players who know the rules and strategies have a better chance of winning than those who rely only on their luck. There are also different strategies in roulette that aim to increase your chances of winning or minimize your losses.
Slot machines are an exception to this. In this case, the player no longer has any influence on the result after clicking the spin button. In other words, slot machines are based purely on luck.
In summary, luck plays a role in table games, but it is not the only factor: skill, knowledge and strategy also play an important role in deciding the outcome. With slot machines, on the other hand, you rely entirely on Fortuna and have no control over the outcome of the game yourself.

Which casino games have the best chances of winning?

You can easily determine your chances of winning in the online-casino using the Return to Player (RTP). This number indicates the percentage of the game bets in a game that are returned to the player. Games with a high RTP are therefore more lucrative for the player, as more of the money wagered goes back to the player.
Most of the time, table games have the better RTP than slot machines. So if you play roulette, blackjack or baccarat, you have a better chance of winning than on slot machines. Keep in mind, however, that games like blackjack depend heavily on your strategy: if you play according to the best blackjack strategy, you can significantly increase your chances. However, if you prefer to play according to your gut rather than math, your chances of winning will decrease.
For the RTP, however, it is important to note that this number is an average value and will only be at this level over an infinite number of rounds. In the short term, both higher and smaller dividends are possible. At the end of the day, casino games are still a matter of luck: even in a game with a low RTP, you might score big wins in a short amount of time.
In legal Swiss online-casinos, the RTP is always below 100%. This shows that even if you have a lucky streak over the short term and make good profits, the bank always wins over the long term. So even with a good RTP, caution is still required.

Can I play online-casino games for free?

Of course! We think everyone should be able to play casino games for free. That’s why you can play most of our casino games for free in demo mode at Simply open a game while you’re not logged in and you’ll start playing in demo mode for free. Unfortunately, not all of our games are available in demo mode. However, it should still be enough to get a feel for the games or perfect your strategy.
The downside? Of course, you cannot win real money as long as you play for free. If you want to win real money with the casino games, you must first log in or create a free player profile with us.
Whether for free or for real money: in any case, we wish you lots of fun and, of course, good luck!