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Live Super 8 Baccarat
Min: 1.00 CHF | Max: 10'000.00 CHF
Live Fortune 6 Baccarat
Min: 1.00 CHF | Max: 10'000.00 CHF
Baccarat (B)
Min: 1.00 CHF | Max: 10'000.00 CHF
Baccarat (Salon Privé)
Min: 1'000.00 CHF | Max: 15'000.00 CHF
Baccarat Squeeze
Min: 5.00 CHF | Max: 10'000.00 CHF
Baccarat Control Squeeze
Min: 5.00 CHF | Max: 10'000.00 CHF
Baccarat Speed (A)
Min: 1.00 CHF | Max: 10'000.00 CHF
Baccarat (A)
Min: 1.00 CHF | Max: 10'000.00 CHF
No Commission Baccarat
Min: 1.00 CHF | Max: 23'250.00 CHF
Punto Banco
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 300.00 CHF
Baccarat Speed (B)
Min: 1.00 CHF | Max: 10'000.00 CHF
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 300.00 CHF
Big Win Baccarat
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 600.00 CHF

Play baccarat online: showdown between player and bank

Have you always wanted to play baccarat like James Bond, but still feel overwhelmed? No problem – you’re just like most people!

Baccarat is not very popular in Switzerland and can seem a bit intimidating at first glance. There’s also a simplified version of the game, which is very easy to learn and that you can play right away. On this page, we’ve summarized the most important points about James Bond’s favorite game, so that you’ll soon also be able to rock the baccarat table!

What types of baccarat are there?

You can often find different variations of baccarat online, including at To help you understand the differences between these variations, we’ve briefly explained the most important ones here.

Playing against a computer or a live dealer

An important difference is whether you play baccarat in a live-casino with a real dealer or an RNG (random number generator) version against a computer. Both have their advantages, so which option you favor depends on your preferences. When you play live baccarat, you’re playing at the same table with other players and a real dealer, which has a cool social impact. When you play RNG baccarat against the computer, you don’t have to rely on the speed of the dealer and the other players, so you can play baccarat as fast or as slow as you’d like.

«Punto Banco» vs. «Chemin de Fer»

Punto Banco is the simpler version of baccarat and is therefore much more common in Switzerland and especially in online-casinos than the complex Chemin de Fer version. With Punto Banco, you only place a bet on the outcome of the game, but you do not make any decisions yourself. At Chemin de Fer, you are more involved in the game yourself and need to know the rules much better in order to be able to make your own decisions. We’ve explained the rules of the two variations along with the differences between them on our baccarat rules page.

Play baccarat online for free

If you’re not yet familiar with baccarat, we recommend using the demo mode. You can try out our RNG baccarat games for free and get a feel for the game. Make sure you’re not logged in to your player profile and then open an RNG baccarat game of your choice. You can then play for play money and get an understanding of baccarat for free, or try out new strategies.

Unfortunately, demo mode is not available in the live games, so you can only play live baccarat for real money.


The most common type of baccarat in Swiss casinos is Punto Banco. In this version of the game, two cards are dealt to the “Player” and the “Banker” field. However, the goal as a player is not to beat the bank’s cards with your hand – rather, you bet on who will get closer to 9 points with their hand, or whether it will end up as a tie.

For the exact rules of Punto Banco and the Chemin de Fer baccarat variant, take a look at our baccarat rules page.

Baccarat rules

Development of baccarat

Like most old games, the origins of baccarat are unclear. There are conjectures that suggest the game originated in China and that baccarat is derived from the game Pai Gow. However, Pai Gow was played with tiles, not cards. After that, the game could have been brought to Italy by explorers and then finally to France by soldiers in the 1490s.

However, the game has evolved over time, so today it’s not really clear if the game actually descends from Pai Gow. However, we can be quite sure that the game had important influences in Italy, and then became the game we still know today in France.