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Bonus Conditions

The bonus conditions in our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all bonus offers. Participation is open to people over the age of 18. If a conflict arises due to the social policy, there is no opportunity to participate. Employees of the Stadtcasino Baden Group are excluded from participation.

Each bonus awarded as part of a promotion can only be redeemed once per player account. The bonus can be used on all games except our progressive jackpot games.

The default bonus playthrough deadline is one month. In the event of a deviation from this period, this will be noted in details of the specific promotion. reserves the right to withhold or cancel bonus credit if the bonus credit offered has not been used within the stated period from the time of receipt.

Bonus money can only be paid out after the playthrough requirements have been met. You have the option of withdrawing the real money balance in your account at any time. However, you must first cancel any bonuses for which the playthrough requirements have not yet been met.

We reserve the right to exclude accounts from our offers that misuse our promotions, e.g. by withdrawing their deposits directly without having played.

If you receive a bonus code electronically, it will be redeemed when you click on the relevant link. If you receive a voucher code as part of an offline promotion, please enter it manually in the «Bonus» field in your player account.


What are the terms and conditions for each bonus type?

There are different types of bonuses, each of which work slightly differently and are subject to different conditions. These are briefly presented below.


Verification Bonus

A verification bonus is a no-deposit bonus that is usually awarded as part of promotions. It rewards new customers for successfully verifying their player account and can be redeemed up to 30 days after registration. The bonus amount will only be credited to the player’s account once the player’s identity and address have been successfully verified. A maximum of one verification bonus can be redeemed per person.


Deposit Bonus

Customers are rewarded for their deposit with the deposit bonus. Different deposit bonuses can be combined with each other. As a player, you can, for example, benefit from credits on your first, second, third and fourth deposits. However, in connection with special promotions*, deposit bonuses may also be subject to additional conditions, such as the deposit must be made using a certain payment method or within a certain period of time. In any case, the bonus amount will not be credited to the player’s account until the player has successfully completed their deposit.

In general, the bonus amount received depends on the amount deposited. For example, with the welcome bonus, the player account is credited with bonus credit equal to the amount deposited, up to a maximum of CHF 1'000. If you deposit at least CHF 100.- as your first deposit, you’ll also receive 200 freespins. However, a fixed bonus amount may also be defined for special promotions.

*Please make sure that you allow communication via e-mail, SMS or post in your account settings so that we can send you your personal bonus code


Game bonus

The game bonus rewards existing customers who place real money bets of a particular amount in a given game. The bets are added together over the entire campaign duration, so the defined amount does not have to be reached in a single bet, nor does it have to be reached in one day (for campaigns lasting longer than one day). If there are multiple stages, the bonuses are credited once a particular stage has been reached; upon reaching a higher stage, the difference between it and the stage already reached is credited.

The bonus can be awarded in the form of a cash bonus or freespins. The form in which the bonus is awarded is defined in each campaign. The game in which the bets have to be placed is also defined as part of the campaign. Bets in other games do not count toward achieving the goal. Freespins received can only be redeemed in the defined game (or the defined games). Only real money bets count towards achieving the target; bets using bonus money or freespins are not counted towards achieving the target.

Here is an example of this bonus to illustrate:

If a player places between CHF 20.- and CHF 50.- in real money bets in the Book of Ra game within a week, they will receive freespins worth 20% of their bet. Freespins are awarded in three stages:

  1. Place bets in Book of Ra worth CHF 20.- and receive 10 freespins worth CHF 0.40 each
  2. Place bets in Book of Ra worth CHF 40.- and receive 20 freespins worth CHF 0.40 each
  3. Place bets in Book of Ra worth CHF 50.- and receive 25 freespins worth CHF 0.40 each

In this fictional campaign, you have a week to make your bets. Once you have placed bets of CHF 20.- in Book of Ra, you’ll receive 10 freespins credited to your player profile. If you reach the CHF 40.- stage, you’ll get another 10 freespins, and if you reach the CHF 50.- stage, you’ll get another 5 freespins. In this example, you’ll end up with a total of 25 freespins if you’ve placed bets worth CHF 50.



Freespins are free plays, i.e., spins that are free of charge on slot machines. By receiving freespins, you can try out the games on offer for free and, if you’re lucky, you could even win. As you don’t have to wager any credit during the freespins, there’s no risk as a player, because even if you don’t win anything in the freespins, you still won’t lose any real money.

Depending on the promotion, freespins can only be used for individual slots or for several slots. The exact slots that are part of the promotion will be announced as part of the promotion. Freespins are only valid for the specified slots; in other games, real money credits are used as normal.

The freespins do not have any playthrough requirements, unlike the bonus money. So, if you win money it can be withdrawn immediately without any further conditions having to be met.


Personalized bonus offers

If you allow e-mails from us in your account settings in your player profile, you’ll regularly receive additional bonus offers.

For example, you’ll receive a personal birthday bonus via e-mail on your birthday.


What is the playthrough and how is it calculated exactly?

For slot machines, the playthrough is generally 30 times the original bonus amount*; for table games, it is 300 times. Specifically, for a bonus amount of CHF 10, you’ll need to place bets totaling 30 x CHF 10, i.e., CHF 300, if you only play on slot machines. If you would like to wager the same bonus amount exclusively on table games, you would have to place bets worth 300 x CHF 10, i.e., a total of CHF 3’000. It’s best to assume that you have to wager the bonus amount 30x – in that case, your slot bets will count 100% and your table games bets will count 10% towards the playthrough. You can check the current progress of the playthrough in your player account at any time.

*For special promotions, the amount of the playthrough may differ from the values shown here. In this case, this is explicitly indicated in the particular bonus. However, the ratio between slot machine and table game bets of 100% to 10% will always remain the same.

Unless otherwise specified in the promotion, you can use your bonus money at for all games. However, the real money balance is always used first when gambling. The bonus money will be converted into real money as soon as the playthrough requirement for the original bonus amount has been reached.

To make it a bit easier to understand, here is a short example. You have real money worth CHF 300.- in your player account, as well as bonus money of CHF 10. You are now placing bets worth CHF 100.- on a slot machine. These are deducted from your real money balance and count 100% towards the reachable playthrough of CHF 300:


Credit when redeeming the bonus:

Real money: CHF 300.-/bonus credit: CHF 10.- 

Bet of CHF 100.- (of which CHF 100.- is counted towards the playthrough)

Real money: CHF 200.-/bonus credit: CHF 10.-

You have now wagered CHF 100.- of the bonus amount and need to wager a further CHF 200.- to redeem your bonus money.


If you make a winnings with this bet, for example of CHF 150, this amount will be credited to your real money account. However, only up to the amount in your player account at the beginning of this gambling session. In our example, this would be:


Prize of CHF 150.-

Real money: CHF 300.-/bonus credit: CHF 60.-


With your next bet of CHF 90, you will unfortunately have less luck and lose it entirely. The total amount will now be debited from your real money account:


Bet of CHF 90.- (of which CHF 90.- is counted towards the playthrough)

Real money: CHF 210.-/bonus credit: CHF 60.-

You have now wagered CHF 190.- of the bonus amount and need to wager a further CHF 110.- to redeem your bonus money.


You now decide to change the game. This time you choose Blackjack for a table game. The current real money balance will now be used as the new policy for your real money balance. Specifically, this means that if you win again, your real money account will only be replenished up to a maximum amount of CHF 210. As blackjack is a table game, one-tenth of your bet is counted towards the playthrough. For example:


Bet of CHF 90.- (of which CHF 9.- is counted towards the playthrough)

Real money: CHF 120.-/bonus credit: CHF 60.-

Prize of CHF 200.-

Real money: CHF 210.-/bonus credit: CHF 170.-

You have now wagered CHF 199.- of the bonus amount and need to wager a further CHF 101.- to redeem your bonus money.


As soon as you have placed another bet worth CHF 101.- on a slot machine (or CHF 1’010.- on a table game), your bonus money will be converted into real money and you can withdraw it if needed.

As a player, you are not able to make a withdrawal while a bonus is active. However, you can, of course, cancel your bonus in your player account at any time. Please note that a canceled bonus cannot be restored. Not only will you lose your previous playthrough progress, but you will also generally lose your right to redeem the canceled bonus code in future.