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Facts for depositing with TWINT at the Online-Casino

• Minimum deposit amount: CHF 1.-

• Maximum deposit amount: CHF 100'000.-

• Money is immediately available online on your player account

• No fees on your deposit with TWINT


TWINT is a relatively new means of payment in comparison, but one that has rapidly grown in popularity and importance. This means of payment is widespread throughout Switzerland and enables payment directly by smartphone.

The payment method is offered by most banks in Switzerland. Each bank has a separate TWINT app, with which you can connect your bank account with the respective bank directly to your TWINT account. Amounts which you pay via the app are then immediately debited to your linked bank account.

For those people who do not have a bank account at a bank which has a partnership with the payment system, there is the TWINT Prepaid App. This app enables you to load credit from your bank account or with the help of a credit code to your TWINT account. Afterwards you can pay by smartphone in the same way as if you had linked TWINT to your account. The disadvantage of a prepaid account is that the account must always be topped up before you can pay with it.

The advantages of TWINT are clearly the simplicity, the speed of the deposit and the security. To access the personal account a six-digit PIN is required, which offers the user protection against misuse. A big advantage compared to credit cards is also that when paying with TWINT there are no additional fees from the provider, which is relatively common with credit cards for deposits for gambling. The money is also transferred immediately, which means that you do not have to wait for the transferred amount.

Another big advantage of TWINT is that the app offers a very good overview of your incoming and outgoing money. On the start page of the TWINT app you will find the «Movements» button, under which all your incoming and outgoing money is listed in chronological order. Thus, you always have a good overview of your expenditures and receipts, which also helps you to have an overview over your gaming behavior.

In order to make your decision about the right payment method easier, we would like to give you a little more information about TWINT as a payment option in Online-Casinos. With the following tips and tricks for your transfer, nothing stands in the way of your stress-free gaming experience.

Minimum / Maximum amount for your deposit

The minimum deposit with TWINT is CHF 1.-, the maximum is CHF 100'000. So if you prefer to play for less money, you don't need to worry, because allows almost any amount as a deposit. The deposit with TWINT is therefore also suitable for casino newcomers who would like to try with a smaller amount first. Simply select the desired amount and start playing immediately!

Duration of the deposit

TWINT is known for immediately transmitting the money digitally. There is no need to wait for your account to be topped up when you make a deposit. If you want to start playing as soon as possible, it is definitely worth considering TWINT as a payment method, because then the fun can begin immediately!


When you make a deposit at the Online-Casino with TWINT you can be sure that there are no hidden costs, because we do not charge any additional fees on your deposit.

As with Aplauz, a big advantage of depositing with TWINT is that there are no fees charged by the payment system itself for transactions related to gambling. When depositing with credit cards, depending on the provider, there can be costs which you will not have to pay with TWINT. This is also independent of which bank you are a customer of.


Paying with TWINT in the Online-Casino is quite simple because the deposit works like in any online store where you can pay with TWINT. However, for depositing, you need to distinguish whether you are depositing from a desktop computer or your smartphone.

If you are depositing from your desktop, select TWINT as the payment option and type the desired amount in the field. After that, click on «Deposit». A pop-up window will open where you will see the instructions on how to make the payment. Follow the instructions by opening your TWINT app and clicking on the QR icon at the bottom left. You can then scan the QR code displayed in the pop-up window or switch to a deposit with code in the top right of your app.

If you want to make the deposit from your smartphone, also select TWINT and enter the amount you want to deposit. Click on «Deposit», which will open a new page. You now have the choice to open the app directly by clicking on the corresponding button and make the payment in the app. You can also copy the displayed code, which you then enter in the app.


Your payout can be transferred directly to your account linked to TWINT. However, for your payout your bank account and your player account must be in the same name. So make sure that you arrange for your payout to be paid out to an account in your full name. For this reason, we are not allowed to transfer money from your player account to a relative's or friend's bank account, even if you give us explicit permission to do so.

This payout is always free of charge for you, regardless of the amount you choose to withdraw.

If you use TWINT Prepaid we are unfortunately not allowed to make the payout on it, because for legal reasons we are only allowed to make payouts to bank accounts in your name.

Please also note that it can take 3-4 working days until the payout is released.


TWINT is offered by most banks in Switzerland. To connect the system to your account, simply download your bank's TWINT app and link your bank account directly via the app. After you linked the app to your account you can pay amounts quickly and easily directly via the TWINT app.

There are no differences in the different versions of the app between the banks. So if you want to use this payment method in the Online-Casino, it does not matter at which bank you have your account. When paying with TWINT there are no additional costs for you, regardless of which bank account you have linked to the app.