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Who doesn't know them, those bright flashing slot machines which are an indispensable part of any casino - including online casinos? Slot machines are amongst the most popular online casino games. That’s largely because they are relatively easy to use. Once you have understood the principle, the fun is guaranteed.

It goes without saying that you can play slots at jackpots.ch online casino. Choose your favourite from a huge range of slot machines and start your own gaming experience. Every slot machine lets you delve into another world: whether you’d like to spend a few hours in Ancient Egypt or collect as many fruits as you can is entirely up to you.

How do you play slot machines?

You can play loads of different slot machines at jackpots.ch. Pick a game that takes your fancy and spin the reels. You can try out the games for free in demo mode to better understand how they work. This means you can try out our slot machines free of charge without prior registration.

As soon as you have created an account in the jackpots.ch online casino you can also stake real cash and therefore also play for cash.

Basic rules of slot machines

Rules for playing slot machines are not complicated. Firstly, decide on your stake as well as the number of pay lines you would like to play. The stake increases with every additional pay line, meaning potential winnings increase as well.

Essentially, it’s always about getting the various reels spinning. In an online casino, this is generally done by clicking the "Spin” button. You now wait and see what symbols appear at the end. There are different winning combinations for every slot which mean success and different cash prizes. The most lucrative winning combinations can be found in the specific game manual for the slot you selected.

The decision regarding what slots to play may be linked to your preferred payout structure. Some slots have considerably higher probabilities of winning, whilst others pay out far less frequently, but offer huge jackpots.

The amount you’d like to stake when playing slots is entirely up to you. However, every slot also has suggested stakes. The minimum and maximum bets vary from game to game. 

Play slots now for free or with real cash on jackpots.ch

You’ve now learned the most important basic concepts. You know how to play slot machines and what aspects should be taken into account when selecting a suitable game. After learning about it in theory, we recommend trying everything out properly. Register at jackpots.ch now and put theory into practice. Whether you fancy playing slot machines for free in demo mode or want to try your luck with real cash - fun should always be paramount when playing slots.

Put simply, slot machines are a game of chance. There are no strategies that will guarantee winnings. Whether online or offline, random number generators determine the outcome of the game.

Playing slot machines online

Compared to playing in a casino, playing slots online differs in a few ways. Whilst the basic principle and to some extent the games are largely identical, the in-game experience is radically different. When in the casino, you have a large slot machine in front of you – and it might be even taller than you. Online casinos have the advantage that you can play your favourite slots anywhere regardless of time and place. It’s the same whether you’re sitting comfortably on the sofa or on the way to work. The games in the jackpots.ch online casino are optimized for use on mobile devices. This means convenience and maximum flexibility. Naturally, the only prerequisite is a working Internet connection. Also, as slot machines on the Internet don’t take up any space, it’s possible to offer you an even wider selection of games compared to a normal casino. The choice is practically unlimited.

Secure, professional, transparent: Slot machines at jackpots.ch

The online casino jackpots.ch is licensed in Switzerland. It satisfies the most stringent security standards and this is frequently monitored by various supervisory bodies. As long as you’re playing in a legal Swiss online casino, there’s no need to worry at all in this regard. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy playing online slot machines.


Well, you should now be ideally prepared to have a go at our slot machines. Just give it a spin at jackpots.ch. We hope you enjoy it and wish you the very best of luck!