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Game show

Live Boom City
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 3'000.00 CHF
Live Mega Wheel
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 1'000.00 CHF
Live Dragon Tiger
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 5'000.00 CHF
Live Mega Sic Bo
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 5'000.00 CHF
Real Sic Bo With Sarati
Min: 0.25 CHF | Max: 5'000.00 CHF
Sic Bo Gamble
Min: 1.00 CHF | Max: 500.00 CHF
Monopoly Live
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 8'750.00 CHF
Crazy Time
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 3'850.00 CHF
Funky Time
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 10'000.00 CHF
Fortune Finder with Holly
Min: 0.25 CHF | Max: 300.00 CHF
Fortune Finder with Sarati
Min: 0.25 CHF | Max: 300.00 CHF
Money Wheel
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 8'750.00 CHF
Lightning Dice
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 24'100.00 CHF
Dragon Tiger
Min: 1.00 CHF | Max: 20'800.00 CHF
Super Sic Bo
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 34'700.00 CHF
Top Card
Min: 1.00 CHF | Max: 10'000.00 CHF
Side Bet City
Min: 0.50 CHF | Max: 400.00 CHF
Red Dog
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 400.00 CHF
Gonzo's Treasure Hunt
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 30'000.00 CHF

Online game shows

Game shows are a beloved alternative to traditional casino games. They are also extremely popular with casino newbies, as they are often very simple and intuitive to understand. The games are very entertaining and transport players to digital worlds where they are entertained and led by professional game moderators.

What are online game shows?

Online game shows are live-streamed games and therefore belong to the category of live-casino games. However, no traditional casino games such as blackjack or roulette are played; instead, the games resemble game shows, as the name suggests. Among the online game shows, you will often find wheels of fortune, dice games or even games inspired by board games, such as Monopoly Live.

The games are broadcast in real time from a modern studio and are presented by a game moderator who not only manages the game but also entertains the players in the meantime. Thanks to the high-quality live broadcasting and entertainment by the game moderators, online game shows make you feel as if you’re right in the middle of the action.

How do online game shows work?

Most casino game shows are very easy to understand intuitively and usually require no prior knowledge. Also, many of these games don’t have strategies that increase the chances of winning, but rather are mostly luck based.

Since the games in the game show category are very diverse and each one offers different betting options and bonus games, we recommend that you check out the help section of the game in question if you are interested in the game rules. You will usually find the rules of the game marked by a «?» in the upper right corner of the game.

What are the most popular online game shows?

On you can find all kinds of online game shows. Whether online wheels of fortune, card or dice games – there’s definitely a suitable game show for you, too.

To help you find your way as a game show novice, we want to briefly explain the most important games to you.

Online wheels of fortune

One type of game show that is very popular in the online-casino are the online wheels of fortune. These games are very easy to understand and do not require much experience. Nevertheless, they are very entertaining, particularly because of their suspense and the live game moderator. The success of this type of game show can also be seen in the wide range of wheel of fortune games available online.

You should know these wheel of fortune online games:

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher (also called Money Wheel) is the game show that started everything at Evolution, because Evolution made wheels of fortune available online with this game.

The game is simple and very popular with slot machine players. Dream Catcher is all about the wheel of fortune, which is marked with the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. As a player, you bet on what number the wheel will stop on. The payout is based on the number of the field: field 1 has a payout of 1:1, field 5 has a payout of 5:1. In addition to the normal number fields, there are also two multiplier fields, marked with 2x and 7x respectively. If the wheel stops in one of these fields, the wheel is spun again and the payout of the winning number is multiplied by 2 or 7.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a variation of Dream Catcher and is also from Evolution. The focus is also an online wheel of fortune. However, the game has also been expanded with interesting bonus games and even more multipliers. So, there are no longer just two multiplier fields like in Dream Catcher. Instead, a mini-slot machine spins along during the game and can add a multiplier on any field in each round.

In addition to the number fields, labeled 1, 2, 5 and 10, the Crazy Time wheel contains additional fields with four bonus games: Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time. Additional multipliers are waiting here for even higher profits. In Cash Hunt and Crazy Time, you’ll also make another decision as a player, making these bonus games even more exciting.

Funky Time

Funky Time transports us back to the disco era of the 70s! The whole atmosphere of the game and bonus levels are disco themed, creating a fun vibe with bright colors, funky music and disco moves.

In this game show, too, everything revolves around the digital wheel of fortune, which is called «DigiWheel» in this game. With this wheel, you can bet on the 1, on one of 12 letters, or on one of the four bonus games. In addition, multipliers are distributed to random fields in each round, which give you additional earnings if you’re lucky.

If the wheel stops in one of the four bonus games «Bar», «Stayin’ Alive», «Disco» or «VIP Disco», an additional game will start, with even higher multipliers waiting for you if you have selected the correct field.

Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is a further development of the Money Wheel made together with Hasbro, the Monopoly manufacturer. Evolution made Monopoly available online, combining it with a wheel of fortune. The game is all about the virtual wheel of fortune, which is marked with the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10. The wheel also contains the fields 2 ROLLS, 4 ROLLS and CHANCE as additional bets. If the wheel stops at the chance field, you will either receive a multiplier that will be applied to the next round’s winnings or a direct cash prize that will be paid out with your bet.

The 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS fields open the bonus game where the Monopoly Man walks across Monopoly field with either two or four throws and collects additional multipliers or cash prizes for you.

Dice games

Another important category of game shows are dice games. At first glance, these seem a little more complicated than the wheels of fortune. However, this is mainly due to the larger number of betting fields. If you understand what the fields stand for, then these games are also very easy to understand.

These are the two most important dice game shows on that you should know about:

Lightning Dice

In Lightning Dice, three dice are rolled and you place your bet on the sum of the dice added. In addition, you have the option to place more bets, similar to roulette. These are LOW (sum of 3 to 9), HIGH (sum of 12 to 18), ANY DOUBLE (two dice of the same number), and ANY TRIPLE (three dice of the same number).

In each round after the betting, but before the dice are cast, «flashes» are activated. These distribute additional multipliers to the number or side bet fields. If you have chosen the correct number and it has received an additional multiplier, you can win up to 1’000 times your bet in one stroke.

Sic Bo

In Sic Bo, three dice are rolled and, like in Lightning Dice, you add the sum of the dice. As with Lightning Dice, you can choose the final totals as one betting field, but the game significantly more extra bets than Lightning Dice. For example, you can place a bet on whether there will be a 5 among the three dice or whether the final result will be even.

Due to the large number of fields, the game appears somewhat overwhelming at first glance. However, after only a few rounds, the game is easy to understand and offers you a lot of variety thanks to the countless betting possibilities.