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Traditional roulette and online roulette: a comparison

It is not generally possible to play free of charge or with virtual cash in land-based casinos. It's different in an online casino. If you are a new player, you can test out the various roulette options on jackpots.ch free of charge with our demo versions. This helps you learn the key aspects of the game and gain experience at no risk whatsoever. As soon as you feel confident, there’s nothing to stop you trying your luck with real cash.

Traditional casinos, on the other hand, always demand that players wager a stake when playing classic roulette. The same applies to live roulette. You should only play that when you have reached a somewhat advanced level. Find out more about the most important casino rules and strategies before deciding to play with real cash.

Game process and rules in roulette casinos

A game of roulette starts with the call "Faites vos jeux!”, which is French for "place your bets”. Place your chips on the table in the box (or several boxes, which increases the probability of a win) that corresponds with where you think the ball will land.

You can either place the chips yourself or ask the croupier to do this for you. In addition, it is also possible to bet on individual numbers from one to 36, or on various subsets.

Once the croupier believes enough bets have been made, the drum (the wheel) is spun and the ball is tossed into the drum in the opposite direction. You can still make final bets at that moment in time.

Then, you’ll hear: "Rien ne va plus!" This is also French and means "no more bets, please.” From this point onwards, it is no longer possible to place any more bets or to make any changes. The drum slows down until the ball finishes in one of the pockets.

If the ball is in the pocket of the number you bet on, then your luck is in and you win your stake many times over. Players who have bet on other numbers lose; the chips are cleared from the table and the next game of roulette begins just as described above.

Differences between live roulette and free roulette in online casinos

In contrast to traditional roulette, the online version has a few advantages we’d like to cover here. On the one hand, time is unlimited when playing online roulette – as a player, you can take as much time as you like when placing your bet. There’s also no need to keep an eye on your chips and note where you’ve put them. This makes online roulette very transparent. There’s less stress involved in online roulette – many visitors to a traditional casino are less relaxed when faced with large crowds of people. Playing at home means playing in a better mood and...

... the potential risk of being deceived by other players is minimised.

Differences to roulette casino rules only apply if different game versions are being played, such as European roulette or French roulette. The so-called Partage or En Prison rules are used to justify French roulette as a title. This rule is important if you stake on even-money bets. However, the European version is also the standard version of roulette, which has been played in this format for over 200 years.

En Prison

This rule in French roulette gives you the opportunity to win your stake back on a one to one basis.

La Partage

In this case, you win if the white ball lands on zero.

Probabilities in online roulette – on to victory, but how?

Probabilities in online roulette

In the case of even-money bets, the chances of winning are 48.6 per cent in both online roulette and in traditional casinos. The available options are either 18 or 36 numbers, plus the zero. As the numbers can be divided in three different ways, the odds of winning are 1:1.

Red or black – win in online roulette

There is a total of 18 numbers in red and another eighteen in black in online roulette. The layout of the numbers on the drum differs from that on the table. As "red or black” is also a comparatively small bet, the chances of winning are relatively high, which is 48.6 per cent just like an even-money bet. Winning at the casino means that you win double your stake.

Even or odd – play roulette like the pros in the online casino

Betting on odd or even numbers is also possible in online roulette. 18 numbers on the drum and table are even, and the other 18 are odd. Your chances of winning here are also 48.6 per cent on average, and you would receive twice your stake.

Low or high – win in online roulette

Even if you’re not a mathematical mastermind, simply divide the 36 numbers (online casinos are like a live casino in this regard; the zero is not counted) by two. In the case of the "low or high” bet, you place a stake on either a lower or higher number, so from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36. The chances of winning here are also 48.6 per cent, and you would win double your stake.

Dozen bets in online roulette

At this point, you’ll notice that it was worth paying attention in maths lessons. As the name suggests, this is split into thirds and 36 divided by 3 equals 12. You therefore bet on a total of 12 numbers. However, your chances of winning are 32.4 per cent, so somewhat lower than in the previous bets. If you win, you collect three times your stake.

Less costly to bet in dozens – strategy and tactics can help you win, even in online roulette

You can bet on digits ranging from 1 to 12 or 13 to 24. There is also a variant for betting on numbers from 25 to 36. If you want to talk shop as an experienced player, these are known as the first, second and third dozen. The odds of winning are 2:1.

Winning big with the columns in online roulette

It is also possible to place bets on individual columns on a roulette table, which concern every third number. These end with the row 34, 35 and 36 in casinos.

The street bet in online roulette

Online roulette tables don’t just consist of columns, but rows as well, and it is also possible to place bets on single rows. The aim of street bets is that you bet on two successive, transverse rows. So, if you put the chips down on the rows from 9-15, you’ll win if the ball lands on any number between 9 and 15. This means a payout ratio of 5:1 and the odds of winning are 16.2 per cent in mathematical terms.

What you need to know about roulette in online casinos

The probabilities of winning are the same in both traditional casinos and online casinos. If you play online roulette in Switzerland, you can rest assured that the game is certified and in accordance with the latest legislation. Winnings are purely a matter of luck and cannot be influenced in any way.

You’ll also need a lot of patience as if you expect to make millions out of nothing, you will be sorely disappointed. Roulette is a game which requires time and patience. Take time to learn the rules, and when you know the various aspects of roulette, try out different tactics and strategies.

Best roulette casino in Switzerland

Which online casino offers the best roulette cannot be answered in this context. It always depends on what you are looking for in an online roulette game, and above all, the type of online roulette you prefer to play. It goes without saying that we try our best to give you the best online roulette experience. We offer complete discretion, and also allow you to play with real cash if you wish.


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