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Air Racer Crash Game

Crash Game

Air Racer
Min: 0.10 CHF | Max: 30.00 CHF

Air Racer at a glance

We welcome all pilots and passengers on board. Take off to dizzying heights with Air Racer and experience the latest generation of casino games legally in Switzerland for the first time. In this game, you’re behind the wheel and decide when to collect your winnings. The higher you venture into the air, the higher your winnings multiplier. You could win up to 10’000x your bet. Air Racer doesn’t only offer fun and excitement to aircraft enthusiasts: its innovative gameplay is also a delight for other players. Thrills are guaranteed in this arcade game!
Are you brave enough and ready for your first high-altitude flight with Air Racer, or are you still a bit afraid of heights? If you’re still unsure, we have some more information below to help ease your vertigo. The cabin crew wishes you a safe and successful flight!

  • You’re behind the wheel: you decide when to collect your winnings
  • 100% legal: Air Racer is the first legal casino crash game in Switzerland
  • Up to 10’000x multiplier
  • Three ways to win & auto-bet function

How does Air Racer work?

Air Racer is all about planes. In this fast-paced aviator game, you watch a plane at take off and bet on when it will finally fly away for good.
Before departure, you place your bet (or more than one – you can place up to three bets. Find out more under «Air Racer Features») at the bottom of the screen. To start the flight, click on the «Spin» button. Your plane will now take off and you can see the multiplier increase with the plane. The current win multiplier is displayed if you leave the game at that point. For example, if you have bet CHF 1.- and the multiplier is 7.42, you will win CHF 7.42 in this round for a return of CHF 6.42.
You can withdraw your winnings at any time by clicking on the «Cash out» button for a specific bet or the «Cash out all bets» button. The higher you fly, the higher your payout if you win. But if you wait too long, the plane will fly away and you’ll leave empty-handed. So, you have to decide for yourself how high you’ll fly and when you’d rather get paid out to secure your winnings.

More the visual type? Check out our short explanation video.

Air Racer features

  • Multiple bets: if you’re looking for even more speed, the crash game offers you the multi-bet feature. This allows you to place up to three bets at the same time, which can all be paid out individually and at different times.
  • Auto cash out: if you already have a desired multiplier in mind before your Air Racer flight, you can use it as an auto cash out before the game. When this multiplier is reached, you’ll automatically receive your winnings. With this feature, you’ll never miss your chance to get out in a crash game again. If you play multiple bets and auto cash out together, you also have the option to set a different value to the auto cash out for each bet.
  • Auto spin: if you prefer to have your hands free during the flight, you can also let the autopilot take over by turning on the auto spin feature. With this feature, you can set the multiplier amount for the cash out and also the number of rounds you want to fly. Your sightseeing flights will then run according to the given pattern, where you can track the number of remaining rounds on the screen. If you want to take back control earlier, you can exit the auto spin mode at any time and take over the game yourself.
  • Game history: are you interested in analyzing your previous flight experiences? No problem! You can see all your previous rounds in the game history. Just click on the three dashes in the upper right corner and select your game history. You’ll then see all your flight data. Although it’s impossible to predict the next result, analysis can still be fun for experienced pilots.