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«Return to Player», or «RTP» for short, is the average payout ratio for casino games. It is the percentage of the game stakes that is paid back to the player in the form of winnings over the longer term.

The average payout percentage across all our games is 96.02%. This means that out of every CHF 100.- wagered, an average of CHF 96.- is paid back to the player. However, this does not mean that if you wager CHF 100.-, you will get CHF 96.- back in every case. The RTP is theoretical and calculated over an infinite number of rounds. Short-term variations (on either side) of the value are therefore normal. For example, the RTP may also be over 100% for a large win over a certain period of time. This means that during this period the winnings were higher than the stakes placed.

The return to player is also different for each game. Thus, there are slots with an RTP of over 96%, but also those with a lower payout ratio. The payout percentage for each game can be found in the help or info section of the respective game.

In summary, a higher RTP is generally better for the player, as a higher percentage of the stake is paid out again as winnings. However, since the return to player is not 96% in every round, but is only 96% over many rounds, it may well be that a machine with a smaller RTP pays out more over a certain period than a slot with a high RTP.  So luck has its fingers in the pie here as well.