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Jackpot Games

Cash Connection Candelas de los Muertos Señorita Suerte Linked
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 50.00 CHF
Diamond Link: Mighty Elephant (Linked)
Min: 0.25 CHF | Max: 100.00 CHF
Diamond Link: Mighty Sevens (Linked)
Min: 0.25 CHF | Max: 100.00 CHF
Cash Connection - Golden Book Of Ra (Linked)
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 50.00 CHF
Cash Connection - Charming Lady (Linked)
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 50.00 CHF
Cash Connection - Dolphin's Pearl (Linked)
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 50.00 CHF
Diamond Link: Mighty Buffalo (Linked)
Min: 0.25 CHF | Max: 100.00 CHF
Charming Lady's Boom
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 50.00 CHF
Phoenix Fortune (Linked)
Min: 0.50 CHF | Max: 50.00 CHF
Cash Connection - Voodoo Magic (Linked)
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 50.00 CHF
Cash Connection - Sizzling Hot (Linked)
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 50.00 CHF
Diamond Link: Mighty Santa (Linked)
Min: 0.25 CHF | Max: 100.00 CHF
Smoking Hot 7's (Linked)
Min: 0.05 CHF | Max: 50.00 CHF
Cash Connection - Book of Ra (Linked)
Min: 0.20 CHF | Max: 50.00 CHF
50 Red Hot 7 Clover Link
Min: 0.50 CHF | Max: 10.00 CHF

Jackpot casino games

Progressive jackpot games are popular not only in offline casinos, but also in online casinos. What sets them apart from other slot games and traditional jackpots is the extra thrill and the very high potential payouts.

At, you can find games in the «Cash Connection» and «Diamond Link» series as well as other progressive jackpot games.

If you’re new to the jackpot casino, you can find the answers to some of the most important questions you need to know about these types of games below.

What are progressive casino jackpots?

At first glance, progressive jackpot games look like regular slot machines. But don’t be fooled by their unassuming appearance – these slots offer an extra jackpot feature. Unlike slots with predefined jackpots, which pay out a fixed amount, the jackpot amount in progressive jackpots has no upwards limit – the amount of potential winnings increases with every spin!

Progressive jackpot games often have multiple jackpots in the same game. These have different levels and can be triggered independently of each other. You can find out exactly how the individual jackpots differ in the help section of your game.

Jackpot casino games, however, don’t just have progressive jackpots that depend solely on a single game – they also have jackpots that are linked across several games. The best-known of these linked jackpots include the «Cash Connection» and «Diamond Link» series, as well as the «Swiss Jackpot» among Swiss offline casinos. You can find out more about how these linked jackpot games work below under «What are «Cash Connection» and «Diamond Link»?».

How do jackpot games work?

Every time a player places a bet in one of the jackpot games, a portion of the bet is added to the game’s jackpot prize pool. The more players that play this slot machine and the higher their bets, the faster the jackpot grows. You can track the size of the jackpot in real time. Watching the jackpot grows creates an added sense of excitement.

In order to win a progressive jackpot, you usually have to meet certain criteria. For example, certain symbol combinations are required to win in jackpot casino. The exact conditions that need to be met vary from game to game. You can find out more about the specific conditions in the help section for each slot game.

When a lucky player hits a progressive jackpot, it is reset to the corresponding starting amount and the process starts all over again. The starting value of each game can be found in the game description or help section.

Please note that all progressive jackpot games also have non-progressive jackpots that do not increase or reset when won (e.g. «mini jackpots»).

How can I recognize progressive jackpot games on

All our progressive jackpot games are can be identified by a yellow «jackpot» box above the game thumbnail. This box also shows you in real time how much money is currently in the jackpot prize pool. The amount shown is the highest possible jackpot amount that can be paid out at that time.

What are «Cash Connection» and «Diamond Link»?

«Cash Connection» and «Diamond Link» are series of progressive jackpot games. All games labeled «Cash Connection» are linked, as are all games with labeled «Diamond Link». This means that all of the slot games in these series have a combined jackpot prize pool.

For example, if you play «Cash Connection – Book of Ra», your bet goes into the same jackpot as when you play «Cash Connection – Sizzling Hot» or any other «Cash Connection» game. Since all of these games contribute to the same jackpot pool, it can also be won in any of the Cash Connection games.