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Blackjack strategies: a look at strategies

Blackjack, like every game of chance, is essentially based on probabilities. If you understand and have a knack for working out the probability of when specific cards will appear, it will be much easier for you to make the right decisions and improve your chances to win, even when playing online.

The following sections provide an overview of the most common blackjack strategies and tips to help enhance your online gaming experience and improve your chances of winning. How you choose to apply these strategies is entirely up to you, however I wouldn't want to deprive you of this information. The correct strategy can minimise the house advantage and improve your chances of winning.


The blackjack strategy known as "Surrender" is widespread in Europe but not, for example, in the USA. This strategy is an extended option in blackjack but is not available everywhere. Every casino, whether online or offline, has their own rules which can vary.

The surrender option means you can withdraw from the game early if the outcome of the game is not readily foreseeable. When the first hand has been dealt, you can surrender and request half of your original stake back.

It is important to know that this option is only available immediately after the dealer has dealt the first hand. If you have already taken another card, then the surrender option is no longer available. This is known as the early surrender strategy and is seen in many casinos. However, a late surrender is different. This strategy is only very rarely offered by casinos. It is not possible to withdraw if the dealer has blackjack in games which offer the late surrender option. Withdrawal is possible in all other cases. In addition, a late surrender reduces the house advantage to 0.07%.


Another well-known strategy in blackjack is known as splitting. For example, if the croupier deals you two cards with the same number, you can split this into two separate hands. The croupier then deals you an extra card for both hands. This doubles your stake, but you also have two opportunities to beat the croupier. Please note that the option to split is only offered when the hand is first dealt. It is not possible to be dealt a third card then split them. Most online casinos offer splitting for cards worth ten points. This includes pairs of kings, queens, jacks and 10s. Splitting such pairs is only possible if the cards have both the same value and same status.

Double down

It depends on the table whether double down is an option for every single starting hand. It’s therefore important to clarify in advance if house rules provide this option, online or offline. The double down option is usually authorised when the starting hand has been dealt or after a pair has been split. It is only very rarely offered after another card has been drawn. To double down means that your stake is doubled. That means you place a second stake but can only receive one additional card. The double down option does not double the value of the cards or their number, just the wager. Please remember that after doubling down, you are given just one more card after which you cannot do anything else. You can only play with the score that has been reached. Also, bear in mind that while the double down option doubles your winning odds, it also doubles your chances of losing.

Take out insurance

It’s not unusual for the croupier to get an ace as their first card. In this case, you can take out insurance against the possibility that the dealer has blackjack. Insurance costs half the original stake and is placed on the insurance line on the blackjack table. If the house does get blackjack, you will be paid twice what was staked as insurance. However, if the dealer does not have blackjack, the insurance stake is lost.

Counting cards

A blackjack strategy, which is common but rather frowned upon, both offline and online, is counting cards. It is explained here although it may even lead to a player being banned from traditional casinos if used there. For this reason, it is important to be aware of the consequences before deciding to follow this strategy.

Counting cards can be hugely advantageous and increase your chances of winning by up to 50%. Understanding probabilities is extremely useful as not every card has the same probability of appearing all the time. Some cards are more likely to appear than others. If you know which cards are more likely to appear, you can greatly improve your chances of winning.

The high-low or running count principle are amongst the simplest and most efficient methods of counting cards, whether you are online or offline. Simply place the cards into three different categories based on their value and label these categories as follows:

2 - 6 = +1

7 - 9 = 0

10 - A = -1

If a card worth +1 is played, then a card worth -1, then the game is in a form of equilibrium. The result becomes significant when there are only a few cards remaining in the deck. If the result is +1 after several hands, you can conclude that a majority of the cards left are higher-value cards.

I hope that these strategies help transform your experience at jackpots.ch into something extraordinary and boost your chances of winning. I look forward to seeing the results!

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