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Facts about depositing with Aplauz in the online-casino

  • Minimum deposit amount: CHF 1.-
  • Maximum deposit amount: CHF 100'000.-
  • Money is immediately available online in your player account
  • No fees on your deposit with Aplauz

Aplauz is a digital prepaid credit that can be easily purchased at kkiosk, Press&Books or avec stores throughout Switzerland and then spent online.

In principle, Aplauz works similar to other prepaid vouchers: credit can be purchased at a point of sale and the purchaser receives their credit in the form of a 16-digit code. This individual code represents the purchased credit and can be used online as desired. When paying in an online store or Online-Casino, only the 16-digit code needs to be entered. No further personal details are required, as is the case when paying by credit card or TWINT.

This brings us to one of the biggest advantages of Aplauz: privacy! When entering the 16-digit code, no name, credit card number or other personal information is transmitted. This offers you complete privacy online, which protects you from the misuse of your data. If you lose your Aplauz code number, you can easily block it so that your credit remains protected.

Aplauz is also a good alternative for those who do not have a credit card. Online payments with Aplauz can be made in seconds, without having to meet deadlines and long waiting times like when paying via bank transfer. When you pay with Aplauz on, your funds are immediately on your player account and the fun can begin.

Another advantage of this payment method is that Aplauz does not charge any fees on your online transaction. Such transaction fees may be incurred, for example, when paying by credit card.

Compared to some other payment methods, Aplauz credit can only be purchased in prepaid mode. Thus, before any online payment with Aplauz, credit must first be purchased at a point of sale. However, the prepaid principle can be helpful to keep track of your online spending. Since credit must always be purchased first, it is much easier to keep track of personal spending than when you shop online with a credit card. Impulsive spending can be reduced this way.

To help you decide on the right payment method, we would like to introduce you to Aplauz as a payment option on in this article. With the following tips and tricks when making your deposit, nothing will stand in the way of your stress-free gaming pleasure.


Minimum / maximum amount for your deposit

The minimum deposit with Aplauz at is CHF 1. This gives you the possibility to deposit small amounts if you want to try out or Aplauz as a new payment method first with little money.

The maximum recharge amount for an Aplauz code is CHF 150. However, several credits can be combined for one deposit. The maximum deposit on is CHF 100'000.

Duration of the deposit

One of the biggest advantages of Aplauz is the speed of the transfer. Instead of waiting a long time for the funds to arrive in your player account, with this payment method you start your gaming pleasure immediately because with Aplauz the transferred amount is immediately available on your account.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that Aplauz only works with the prepaid principle. This means that you first have to buy your credit at a kkiosk, Press&Books or avec store to load your Aplauz account. However, if you have already purchased credit, you can start playing immediately.


When you deposit with Aplauz on there are no hidden fees, because and also Aplauz does not charge any fees on your transfer. This is a great advantage of Aplauz in contrast to depositing with a credit card, which can incur significant costs depending on the credit card provider.

However, there may be other costs associated with Aplauz. If you still have remaining Aplauz credit after one year, a monthly fee of CHF 3.- will be deducted. Should you wish to return your Aplauz credit, you may do so, but you will be charged a redemption fee of CHF 8.

Find out more about the costs of Aplauz directly at



Payment via Aplauz is very simple and easy to understand. When logged in to, select the icon for your player account and click «Deposit». Then select Aplauz from the available payment methods.

Next, enter the desired top-up amount and click on the «Deposit» field. Then a new window will open automatically showing you the Aplauz deposit form. In this window you only have to enter the 16-digit code that is on your Aplauz balance. As soon as you complete the payment, the amount will be immediately transferred to your player account.

If you want to combine different Aplauz credits, you can easily enter multiple codes in the Aplauz deposit window. This allows you to use up even small remaining balances completely.


For legal reasons, we are only allowed to transfer your payout to a Swiss bank account that is in your full name. For this reason, it is unfortunately not possible to choose Aplauz as your withdrawal method. Transferring your payout to the account of a relative or acquaintance is unfortunately also not possible for this reason, even if you give us explicit permission to do so.

A withdrawal is always free of charge for you, regardless of the amount.

Please note that it may take 3-4 business days for your payout to appear in your bank account.