What is a no deposit bonus?

A no deposit bonus is free game credit. With this kind of bonus, you can try out online-casino offerings for free and without risk.

For example, when you use the bonus code JACKBACK, we’ll give you a CHF 20.- free bonus credit. You can find out more about redeeming the bonus in the next section.


How do I redeem my no deposit bonus?

  1. Register at
  2. Verify your account (by confirming your address and uploading an identification document in your account settings)
  3. Enter the bonus code JACKBACK in your account under «Bonus»
  4. The CHF 20.- game credit is automatically credited to your player account, so you can play free of charge at our casino from the start.


Sounds good! What are the disadvantages?

Since you don’t wager your own money with a casino’s no deposit bonus, you won’t lose any money either. If you lose your bonus, you will still not suffer a financial loss. Ideally, however, your free bonus credit will give you real money that you can withdraw. So it doesn’t just sound good – it’s actually good!


What are the conditions for the no deposit bonus?

What does playthrough mean?