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Unfortunately, we still need a few more days to make everything perfect for you. But it won't be long before you can enjoy baccarat at the JackPots Online Casino. Until then, test your luck at one of our blackjack tables or have a spin at our exciting slot machines.

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Baccarat: Showdown between player and banker

Baccarat is one of the most popular card games in casinos worldwide, along with poker and blackjack. The game also enjoys a high degree of popularity online. The origins of the game can be traced back to France in the nineteenth century and were mainly played in the circle of French nobility. Until today "Baccarat Banque" has remained the most famous form of Baccarat.

In Baccarat, the usual card value is used. However, tens, jacks, queens, kings and queens have no card value, so their value is zero, with aces having the value one. The value of a hand is defined by the right digit of the sum of all cards dealt. If the card value is two digits, the left digit is removed. The right digit then shows the actual value of the hand. If, for example, a three and a nine are laid, this corresponds to a card value of 12 points. Now the one is removed and the actual value of two remains. If the value of the hand is between zero and five, an additional third card is dealt. It is important for you that the left digit is discarded in the case of a two-digit card value.

Baccarat is about betting on the player, the bank or on tie. After your bet, the cards are dealt. The player with the highest hand wins the game.

How to play Baccarat in my JackPots online casino

Baccarat can be found in online casinos in Switzerland and in all the usual casinos. Under certain circumstances you can even play Baccarat for free. My online casino JackPots is a good example of this. What this means, what else can be said about Baccarat and what the rules are, I would like to tell you in this article.

Personally, I highly recommend Baccarat games. On the one hand they are ideal to win money, on the other hand they are a good pastime in the free online casino. You already know that many other games can also be played in online casinos. Since there are different variants, the rules vary from case to case. The first term explained is Baccarat Casino. This is a provider where you can play Baccarat in many different variations. Even if it is a specialized provider, there are also other games to be found. And if the provider of your choice is not a specialist, he will present many games anyway. By games I mean live casino games, blackjack, roulette, poker and slots.

Keyword Baccarat Casino and Online Casino - What is meant by that?

Let me first explain the concept of a Baccarat Casino. There are many Baccarat games. Among others the mentioned Baccarat online. A Baccarat casino simply offers Baccarat online that can be used by the Swiss casino player. Baccarat is a card game where you can play for money. Perhaps special promotions or jackpots are advertised, even if that would be an unusual term in this context. A Baccarat casino will not only allow you to play Baccarat. But also roulette, blackjack, maybe poker and the slot machines or "slots".

How do you play Baccarat in an online casino?

This article is about playing Baccarat. It is possible to play Baccarat for free at the providers advertised as Baccarat Casino. This means playing without real money. Baccarat can be played according to different rules. These are described in more detail below. There are no differences between the game in an online casino and the usual casinos. The only difference is that you can access the game via a mobile device or the computer.

Online Baccarat and the new Money Gaming Act in Switzerland

Since the new law came into force in Switzerland, terrestrial casinos located here, including the Grand Casino Baden, have been able to offer real money online casinos as a supplement to their services. This includes, for example, my online casino jackpots.ch. Baccarat can be found with the highest probability in the list of games offered in an online casino. It is conceivable that there are several variants with different rules or that always the same game can be played. In addition, the limits for a bet can also differ. It may be that the minimum bet is higher, or that you can already play for one franc. Such games are identical. So if you are or have been a customer in an online casino, you will know the procedures.

However, if it is not a free game, you can make a deposit immediately after registration to play for real money. To find the right Baccarat game for you, go to the Baccarat offer by using the search function or simply select the category Baccarat.

Once you have chosen the search function, simply enter the word "Baccarat" in the search box. From the search results, open the game, place a bet and play according to the rules. Of course you can also play Baccarat for free in demo mode at my Baccarat Casino. The rules and procedures do not change. If you win, you can enter a raffle or request a payout. Just as it is usual in a good online casino. The new legislation in Switzerland now also allows this procedure in this country.

What are the differences between online Baccarat and Baccarat in a normal casino?

The law allows a casino that receives players in a city or canton to additionally offer its services nationally online on the internet. The law does not prescribe which games may be offered. It may be the Baccarat card game described in this article or other casino games. A pure Baccarat casino does not really exist at the moment. These are online casinos that offer Baccarat online in addition to their main range of casino games. In casinos like my online casino jackpots.ch you can play Baccarat for real money or for free.

Here at JackPots you can sit back and try out various card games. The rules for such games are not difficult to understand. Unlike poker, for example, the basic rules for Baccarat are very easy to learn. Other games that are usually available in several variations are Roulette, Blackjack and Poker. This list also includes online Baccarat, which belongs to the table games category. However, you will need to read these rules separately.

In search of the game Baccarat, which is also often written Baccara, you will most likely also discover other well-known card games. As a rule, the range of games on offer on the Internet is more extensive than with a terrestrial provider.

Baccarat Rules

Let's now move on to the rules of Baccarat, which apply both online and offline. It is generally played with six packs of 52 cards each. A total of 312 cards therefore belong to a game. There are card packs specially created for Baccarat. You will encounter these mainly in the Baccarat Casino.

The aim of a game is to score nine points with two or three cards, or to get closer to the nine points than your opponent. An opponent is, for example, an employee of the casino where you are playing Baccarat. Online could be a programmed game in which you play against the computer. As far as the rules are concerned, it is important to know the values of the cards. Baccarat is based on the usual card value. However, tens, jacks, queens, kings and queens have no card value, so their value is zero, with aces having the value one.

Below I will explain the online gameplay at Baccarat:

  1. As a player, you can bet on the banker's or the player's hand. You bet on whether either party wins or draws. However, the goal remains to get close to the number 9.

  2. The dealer deals a total of four cards - two cards in the "Player" box and two cards in the "Bank" box.

  3. The dealer assesses the hands based on the Baccarat rules, taking into account the additional cards dealt.

  4. The winner is chosen by the dealer.

Anyone who has ever played Baccarat will find that the rules and procedure are easy to understand. In the online game, the habituation phase is even shorter than in the real casino.

Sign up for jackpots.ch and play Baccarat online

Just sign up at my online casino jackpots.ch and try your luck in this fascinating card game. But remember that you need to be familiar with the rules. When the game starts, make a bet and hope for good cards. Of course, there are several strategies that can be used, but they don't affect your chances of winning much. The principle is the same in every casino: Whoever has good cards wins, whether in the real money casino or for free as a pastime.

If I have aroused your interest, log in to my online casino and test your newly acquired knowledge. I have already explained the exact procedure. At JackPots I also offer you a wide range of casino games, including the most popular card games.

I look forward to welcoming you to jackpots.ch!

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